Hua Shen Authentic Acupuncture
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Chinese hospital acupuncture on your doorstep
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NHS Directory of \nComplementary and\n Alternative Medicine


Traditional Acupuncture

Initial consultation and treatment
for pain

Initial consultation and treatment
for other conditions                             £55

Acupuncture treatment                        £48 
Acupressure                                        £20
Cupping                                               £29


Fertility Acupuncture

Initial Consultation and Treatment       £55 

Subsequent Treatment                        £48

Treatment before and after
IVF embryo transfer (each)                  £48

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Initial Consultation and Treatment       £55 

Cosmetic acupuncture therapy            £48
(including cosmetic acupuncture,
jade roller and other
traditional treatments)


Please note that my clinic accepts cash, cheques and cards.

Cancellation policy:Broken appointments or cancellations will be charged for at the full rate, unless 24 hours notice is given

Private Health Insurance

As Hua Shen is a member of the BAcC, many of the major private health insurance companies will cover you for the cost of treatment. Please check with your provider before treatment and she will be happy to help with the required arrangements